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Your Guide To Must-Have Herbs and Vegetables For Summer BBQs

juillet 13, 2021

Your Guide To Must-Have Herbs and Vegetables For Summer BBQs 

Summertime and grilling go hand in hand! This grilling season, BBQ owners can enhance their delicious dinners and lunches with fresh, flavourful herbs and vegetables. Having healthy herbs and vegetables available at your disposal when you’re ready to fire up the grill is essential. Interested in growing your own savoury vegetables and herbs for the summer? Not only are herb and vegetable gardening a fantastic hobby, but it’s also affordable and helps relieve stress! So which herbs and vegetables are the most ideal for summer BBQs? 

For the must-have herbs and vegetables to grow and BBQ this summer, check out the Vegehome guide: 

Three Delicious Herbs and Vegetables To Grow 

  1. Sweet & Neat Tomatoes 

If this is your first time tending to vegetables, tomatoes are a practical place to start. Not only are tomatoes rather simple to grow, but the taste is also even more delectable when home-grown. Growing tomatoes provides you with an abundant harvest. Harvest time is any time with Vegehome, so you do not have to worry about when to grow your vegetables or herbs. Sweet & neat tomatoes are fairly easy to grow, require much less space and minimal care. They are selectively bred based on their size and the sweet flavour they possess. There is very little shortage of selection when it comes to dwarf tomatoes as well! 

Ideal for summer salads, tasty dishes or as a simple snack, dwarf tomatoes are the perfect vegetable to add to the BBQ this summer. 

  1. Dill 

Dill is a zesty, culinary herb with a flavour similar to celery and fennel. It’s the ideal herb for seasoning potatoes, salad dressings, meats or fish. Dill plant leaves can be harvested at any point in time. Normally, it takes dill eight weeks to bloom after its sowing. With The Vegehome, you can expect that blooming period to be cut in half. Plus, caring for a dill plant is easy. A small amount of dill goes a long way when seasoned onto a special dish! 

  1. Biquinho Brazil Pepper 

The red Biquinho Brazil Pepper, also known as “Sweety Drops,” originates from Brazil and packs quite the punch! This rare pepper is from the same species as some of the hottest peppers on the planet! Biquinho red peppers contain a fruity flavour with a habanero-esque kick. They can be consumed raw in salsas and salads or sautéed on the grill. When paired with other vegetables, meats or poultry, the pepper adds a smoky taste. The Biquinho red peppers are self-sufficient! They’re one of the best low-maintenance vegetables available.


Start Growing Delicious Herbs and Vegetables Today 

The Vegehome indoor hydroponic garden offers you the opportunity to grow your own herbs and vegetables all year round. So why wait until the right season to grow your favourite plant? The Vegehome allows you to grow your choice of vegetable or herb in the comfort of your home. Our smart garden acts as your own personal farmer’s market with ingredients from various cultures and locations across the globe. Enjoy herbs and vegetables of your choice every season!