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Indoor Gardening for Beginners

août 17, 2021

If you’re interested in starting an indoor garden, you’ve come to the right place! Growing an indoor garden starts with understanding certain principles. Indoor gardening is quite different from outdoor gardening. Not only is indoor gardening more affordable and convenient, but it also allows you to grow herbs and vegetables all year round. 

Beginner gardeners have access to the ultimate garden sanctuary they can control in the privacy of their home. As long as you’re properly prepared, indoor gardening can be a fun and rewarding experience resulting in plentiful greenery to enjoy.

Where Will You Grow Your Indoor Garden?

When beginning your indoor gardening process, consider each step. The first and arguably most important step is deciding where you want your garden. Understanding how much space you have in your location is critical. That also plays a role in the types of plants you can grow. If you’re interested in growing smaller herbs, vegetables, and succulents, they’re best suited in an area with a small windowsill. However, with a Vegehome Indoor Garden, you can grow your herbs or vegetables anywhere!

What Will You Grow In Your Indoor Garden?

There are a variety of different herbs and veggies available. After deciding the location for your indoor garden, it’s time to consider what you want to grow.

Indoor Herb Gardening

With a Vegehome Indoor Garden, you can select the herbs you love and easily grow them all year round. Grow delicious dill, basil, parsley, or arugula right at home. 

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

If you love the idea of homegrown, pesticide-free produce, consider Vegehome. Our indoor garden is a personal farmer’s market! Select the types of vegetables you want from our pod selection for the most exotic and delicious vegetable seeds.

How and When Do You Water Your Indoor Garden?

Some plants require more water than others. Previously, garden owners would have to estimate when their garden needed water. With a Vegehome Indoor Garden, you don’t have that worry. The Oasis garden tells you when the water level is too low by flashing a light at the top. As long as you follow that identifier and fill up the garden when it is time, you’re giving your garden enough water. 

Bottom Line For Indoor Gardening Beginners

Growing a thriving indoor garden is an enjoyable, healthy, and rewarding experience. Understanding the requirements of specific herbs and vegetables and setting up your indoor garden accordingly is key! With knowledge and care, your indoor garden will be fruitful all year round. Set up, sit back and enjoy!