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General Vegehome Growing Instructions +
How do I assemble my Vegehome? +
How do I disassemble my Vegehome ? +
How to Clean Your Vegehome? +
Why are the plant's leaves wilting? +
Why are the plant's leaves changing colour? +
Why plants aren’t fruiting? +
What happens if plants grow too big? +
Why are my seeds are not germinating? +
What do I do if there are insects on plants? +
What happens if the plants have fungi? +
What happens if the leaves taste bitter? +
Technical Terms +
Can I use my own seeds? +
How to Add Nutrients To Your Vegehome? +
How does the Vegehome light timer work? +
How do I activate my warranty? +
What is hydroponic growing? +
How do plants grow without soil? +
What should I buy — the Jardin or the Oasis? +
How much can I grow in each type of garden? +
How do I set up my Vegehome garden? +
How long will it take for my plants to grow? +
How do I maintain my garden? +
How do I clean my Vegehome? +
How much water should I use? +
What do I do if there are pests (insects) on my plants? +
Will this affect the humidity in my home? +
Will my herbs and vegetables taste good? +
Are food plants grown using hydroponic technology nutritious? +
What plants should I grow? +
How do I start new plants? +
Can I grow my own seeds in the Vegehome? +
Can I plant Vegehome plants outside? +
How often should I water my plants? +
My plants are wilting and/or changing colour. What should I do? +
My seeds aren’t germinating/my plants aren’t fruiting. What should I do? +
How much does a Jardin smart garden affects an electric bill? +
How often should I check the water level? +
What is the light life expectancy for Jardin or Oasis? +
How much does the JARDIN and OASIS holds of water? +
Growing guidance: most frequent questions +
Why is there mold on my pods? +
What sort of water to use? +
What if electricity goes off? +
How does the pump works? (On the Oasis) +
Can I grow kale, tomatoes, red hot peppers… in the Jardin smart garden, even if it is smaller than the Oasis? +
How long can we keep the unused pods? +
Are the plants organic and GMO free? +
How does the Vegehome lighting timer work? +
Why do I need to cover all the holes? +
Why is there green stain in my container? +