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  1. DY

    I’ve had a great experience with my Jardin Pro. Its compact size fits on my kitchen counter and I’ve yet to have a seed pod that didn’t sprout. And Vegehome customer service is the best – prompt, helpful, and they stand behind their product. I highly recommend!

    Image #1 à partir de Diane Y.
  2. LL

    Excellent produit, bonne qualité, service hors pair

    Image #1 à partir de Louise Lessard
  3. RD

    Je l’utilise tout au long de l’année. Nous mangeons de la bonne laitue

  4. DL

    Non applicable car pas utilisé

  5. AL

    Thank you kindly Bazz for your customer care and loyalty!!! Received a new Jardin Pro kit. The contacts look better designed! Also noticed the pump is more audible than past ones (new & replaced). Hopefully this upgrade will be better now.

    Transferred my plants into the new unit. Put new water and V& G. Baby choy kind of affected lighter leaf color and sage spindly ( but pruned & also trimmed roots on all plants again) as I waited for replacement. Looking forward to more future season usage.

    Enjoy watching the plants continually growing well. The baby choy is so amazing and to see swiss chard nicely growing. Love the sage, parsley and rosemary and too the basil 2 types are so aromatic. All awesome!!

    Alice L.

    Image #1 à partir de Alice Ladd
    Image #2 à partir de Alice Ladd
    Image #3 à partir de Alice Ladd