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  • Free Oasis Starter Kit with 8 pods and nutrients 
  • Ships within 48 hours 
  • Grow all year long – Pods stay fresh up to 1 year! 
  • Stackable Machines – Free with purchase of multiple Oasis Gardens
  • 50% faster growth than a soil plant!

Our large stackable indoor smart garden allows you to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables in your home year-round.

Use your Vegehome Indoor Garden as a nursery! Transplant your plants with developed roots to your pots when it is too crowded in your Vegehome or just when spring arrives!

The Oasis garden has 28 available planting beds, which can be expanded when you stack them; make most of your space when you have multiple devices!

Expand your horizons with a nearly endless assortment of fresh organic and exotic produce with the Oasis! Choose from over 25 different pre-seeded plant pods and start growing today!

Oasis Starter Kit:

– 2 x Spicy Bush Basil
– 2 x Dill
– 2 x Bok Choy
– 2 x Sweet n Neat Cherry Tomatoes
– Nutrient Solution (2 months worth)