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Getting started as a first-time hydroponic grower can be intimidating. But the payoff is huge — and with ready-to-grow systems like the Vegehome, which are easy to set up and maintain, the effort is minimal. Here are five top benefits of starting an indoor hydroponic garden that should inspire any first-time indoor grower: 

Small spaces, big results

Whether you don’t have the outdoor space for a vegetable garden — or you simply want to expand it to your kitchen counter — hydroponic growing provides a lot of bang per square centimetre. And square centimetres is often all you need: the Vegehome Jardin, for instance, takes up just slightly more than half a square foot; the Vegehome Oasis takes up about three square feet but is stackable, so your ceiling’s the limit. Users of hydroponic growing systems can expect their herbs, fruits, and vegetables to grow 50% faster than plants growing in soil, making the harvest you’ll get from your countertop not only delicious but double-bountiful. Plus, thanks to smart lighting and smart growth monitoring sensors, making sure your plants are getting what they need when they need it couldn’t be easier.

All-weather harvest

We love summer and early autumn for their in-season fruits and veggies, and hydroponic gardens effectively extend the growing season to include the cold-weather months by bringing your growing space indoors. Ready-to-grow pods couldn’t be easier to plant, and uncontrollable variables, such as pests and volatile weather patterns, won’t affect your yield no matter what season you’re growing in; just make sure you’re giving your plants the water, light, and nutrients they need, and you’ll find yourself enjoying vine-ripe tomatoes, crisp, fresh salad greens, and fiery hot peppers even in the deepest, darkest winter. 

Natural mood-boost, x 2

If the thought of biting into a fresh-off-the-vine tomato just brought a smile to your face, you’re not alone: studies have shown that an increased intake of fresh fruits and veggies can help reduce depressive symptoms and improve outlook. Gardening and growing plants, too, has beneficial effects on mood and mental health. Hydroponic gardens are a year-round endeavour, making them a great way to get a natural pick-me-up — in more ways than one — 365 days a year. 

Nutrition on demand

If you struggle with getting your five a day, consider a hydroponic garden. Not only will you have ready-to-eat, homegrown veg and herbs on hand year-round, but they couldn’t possibly be more convenient to access: they’re ready to harvest and eat, right beside your kitchen sink! Plus, by helping your plants grow with suggested nutrients, such as Vegehome’s Nutrients Pack, you’re ensuring that you’ll be getting the vital vitamins and minerals provided by your salad greens, 

Get cookin’!

No matter how much you enjoy being in the kitchen, preparing meals from scratch can sometimes be a chore (and a bore). Having access to fresh ingredients — especially ones that just matured that morning or afternoon — can add excitement to your meals. Growing food in an indoor hydroponic garden might inspire you to check out a new recipe or simply make you want to show off your cooking and growing skills to your family members or social media followers.